Sunday, March 19, 2006

Ah, youth! A film a day... Your idea, Cullen, that "Kahn is very much the 'I' in an essay; Welles is like the personal voice that emanates from style" is quotable...I'll use it in ongoing discussions of whether or not we are allowed to say "I" in an essay. Of course, another question this comparison raises is the sort of earnestness of Nathaniel Kahn's wanting to "know" his dead father v. the, ..., hmmm, intellectual game (?) Welles is playing with truth v. fiction--maybe Kahn's purpose requires an explicit "I" but Welles's doesn't? Also, the playfulness...certainly, Vertov in Man with a Camera is the most playful of the three, but I hadn't really thought of Welles as playful at all--I think you're right. I missed the two lobsters on my first viewing, but I guess a clue to the playfulness theme is the opening scene of Welles doing magic tricks for the two children. And then there's the rollerblading scene in My Architect. Your connections are so welcome...a few more squares in our quilt. Sooooo, what fits next? Here, chez moi, we're eager to see Good Night and Good Luck, just out on DVD...of course, everyone but us has probably already seen it. What do you all think? And thanks for the Lopate tip...ten days of reading time are coming in April.


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