Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The relationship between F For Fake and My Architect has been on my mind lately--considering their similarities and differences. What is the role that first person narration plays in both films? And how does the presence of the narrator affect the film's journey, so to speak? And how does their job as "narrator" interact with their job as "director"?

In My Architect, there are very much "personal boundaries" drawn between Kahn's two roles. Margaret pointed out the scene when a colleague of his father's reveals that Louis Kahn spent Christmas with him, instead of his own family. For Nathaniel the filmmaker, this is a pertinent fact that helps paint the portrait of Louis Kahn--but for Nathaniel the son, it must have been a shattering revelation.

Too, Nathaniel chooses which role to play in certain scenes. Consider the boat captain--Kahn reveals his identity only at the end of their discussion, and the captain falls to pieces, so emotional he gets.

More on Welles to come. Is everyone able to find the film without too much difficulty?



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