Thursday, January 26, 2006

Time 2 Meet Up?

Hi, blogmates,

Cullen and I thought maybe we need a dose of face time, so if you have Tuesday classes (or not), would you like to meet at ten p.m. next Tuesday, 31 Jan., at French Roast (11th St./6th Ave.) for a drink and to plan our next two films? (Btw, regarding Brokeback Mtn., did anyone hear on NPR (I think) that at a "press conference" recently, someone in the audience asked Pres. Bush if he'd seen it. His response was to end the "press conference" and leave the room. hmmm...)

In addition to Cullen's essay suggestion below, when I was getting my new essay course ready, I came across this info about essays:film on

Film can also be used to produce the more subjective reflective attitude characterisitic
of essays. Important essay film makers include Chris Marker, Guy Debord, Raoul Peck
and Harun Farocki. One working definition of the essay film is "documentary laced with
self-portrait." Theoretical approaches to this genre can be found in the works of Michel
Beaujour, Raymond Bellour and Roland Barthes. Other filmmakers who have been active
in the essay film are Orson Welles, Trinh T. Minh-ha, Hartmut Bitomski, Alexander
Kluge, Jem Cohen, Jean-Luc Godard and Robert Kramer. Perhaps the original essay
filmmaker was Dziga Vertov.

Perhaps I'm the only one chewing on this (for the obvious reason)...but I've only seen films by two of the names on this list (and you can guess which I'll bet). Lots to catch up on. I first thought that My Architect is a "documentary laced with self-portrait," but then how much do we really learn about Nathaniel Kahn as an adult? ... a lot, both about his childhood memories and his newly forming relationship w/his half-sisters and that with his mother of course, also some about his education at Yale, or at least that he was lucky enough to have taken Vincent Scully's history of architecture course...but somehow, he remains unknown. Maybe it's in comparison to how much more, quite logically, we learn about his father.

Blog back or email Cullen or me if you can f2f with us next Tuesday.


Blogger Cinema Journal said...

Tuesday works for me--see you then.


10:26 AM  
Blogger mfiore said...

Great! I haven't heard back yet from anyone re: Saturday's email...will let you know if I do (tho I'm hoping anyone who responds will respond to us all).

1:25 PM  

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