Sunday, January 15, 2006

Still wondering about the documentary as audio-visual essay (while preparing the new essay course)...watched MM's Bowling for Columbine last night, and, like his Fahrenheit 9/11 (and even, we might add, My Architect, with the director on screen and taking us through the story he creates though the details are confirmable fact), it's one distinct person's exploration of an idea/issue/question. The person's point-of-view is the story, or as Einstein put it, "the observer is the essence of the situation," my favorite, as you know, coup de grace on the question of the "I" in an essay. If anyone has any thoughts to share on my question of documentary as a-v essay, I'm listening. How common, btw, is it for the writer/director to be the on-screen narrator in documentaries? On my schedule for tonight are the documentaries Spellbound and re-viewing My Architect. I bought headphones, so now I can sit on the liv.rm. couch, watching a dvd on my little tablet notebook w/earphones while Peter watches football on the tv. Sweet!
Enjoy the snow (we have about 5"),


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