Thursday, January 12, 2006

So much about BM was wonderful--the photography, especially, stood out in my mind. I could hardly recognize Heath Ledger--he seemed more like Chris Cooper. He (both his acting and the make-up crew) did a great job of aging himself throughout the movie, sort of like Welles in Kane.

I, for one, considered BM to be a Western (I'm also a fan of Westerns, I should add), so I thought I'd make my first posting be about BM and the Western genre.

Westerns, more than other genre pictures, seem to be in conversation with one another. Perhaps it is because of its consistent/insistence on environment and location: the desert, the woods, and the prairie are all common Western locations. Even the title of the film (and the story) "Brokeback Mountain" calls attention to location. So, what does the mountain mean to the story, and what does setting mean to Westerns in general, or can we not generalize something about this?

I see some sort of relationship between the mountain and their jobs. Jack (Jake Gyllenhaal) bucks broncos and rides in rodeos, while Ennis (Heath Ledger) has this cowboy, herder status. Both men's jobs are about controlling nature, conquering animals, yet they retreat to this unbridled nature--Brokeback Mountain--where they too can become unbridled.

What did everyone else think?



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