Thursday, January 12, 2006

Questions posed in our posts so far (I hope I haven't missed any--if so, please post them) in most-to-least recent order (maybe the opposite would make more sense?):

  • Sat.7 Jan./Cullen: Any Bergman fans? What is everyone else watching?
  • Tue.3 Jan./Margaret: Definition of "point-of-view shooting"?
  • Mon.2 Jan./Margaret: How did you like/has anyone learned any interesting details about BbkMtn &/or MyArch? What's Ang Lee known for? Have I correctly picked up that none of his films is like any of his others? Is Fra Angelico a 15th c. cineaste? In MyArch do we have point-of-view shooting or rather point-of-view-everything since Nathaniel Kahn is an on-screen 1st-person narrator? Is there point-of-view shooting in BbkMtn? Is documentary film equivalent to an audio-visual essay? What's the classic definition of documentary film?
  • Fri. 30 Dec./Margaret: Is searching for/being stymied by/hiding one's identity a thematic link between BbkMtn & MyArch? Is MyArch's 1st-person narration inevitable for a documentary? (Am I remembering accurately, or is this term used for feature films, that BbkMtn seems to be "told" by an omniscient narrator...hmmm, no, that doesn't make sense for drama, does it. It's "told" audio-visually via action in space and time....)

My notion, I guess, is that maybe some discussion-building lurks within? Hope to hear from anyone with answers and/or more questions or other discussion,


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