Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Margaret and I had a wonderful dinner/movie chat tonight, though we wished everyone else had been able to make it as well--hopefully next time. One of the many topics was a possible "next film": has anyone seen Orson Welles' "F For Fake" yet? I thought it'd be a provactive choice--it's not your typical movie. It's all about the nature of forgery and authenticity, in film, writing, art and personal history. The label "documentary" has so many connotation as regards "truth" and "objectivity," and "F For Fake" certainly makes us question these concepts. So, if people are up for it, the movie is on DVD (a nice two-disc edition from the Criterion Collection) and was also on VHS at one time (from Home Vision/Janus). It should be available, I know Kim's has it, and Bobst Library has it at the Avery Fischer Media Resource Center.

Also--there is a Rainer Werner Fassbinder retrospective at IFC Center on Weekends through Februrary. I'll be there this Saturday at noon to see "Ali: Fear Eats the Soul" if anyone happens to be wandering around Waverly and Sixth Ave at that time.



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good job...I think one of my area libs will have it, but if not, your info is very helpful. Put the Lopate essay into envelopes today for A, B, and C--will post this weekend I hope.

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