Friday, January 13, 2006

Only a bit of time now to make connections, but thanks for bringing up the title Brokeback Mtn. I kept looking for its contour when it was on screen, to see if it looked like a broken back (whatever that looks like). But it also metaphorically describes Ennis and Jack, their "backs" having been broken by their fears and society's prejudice, and even literally their living broke, or at least this is true throughout for Ennis though Jack later benefits from Lureen's dad's prosperity. It's kind of Dickensian as a name. The contrast and escape magic of the mountain v. every other aspect of their revealed lives is central...leaves me wondering about the vastness of the mountain. Despite it, Ennis and Jack are laid low by small-mindedness. They don't trust it enough to stay there, to find a way to make a life there permanently. What does this suggest about human nature? Born to suffer, hence the recurring need for escape?

Btw, how would I get that Bunuel film? I wonder still about does Ang Lee reveal his? What's he known for?

More later about the many interesting ideas you posted, Cullen--thanks!


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