Monday, January 02, 2006

Any Ingmar Bergman fans? I've been re-watching many of his movies this break--Hour of the Wolf, Winter Light, Through a Glass Darkly. Also, I saw for the first time The Serpent's Egg, which had (oddly enough) David Carridine. It took a little while, but he was quite good in it.

Long list of other movies I'm watching--too many? That's not for me to say.

Oscar Micheaux movies on TCM this morning (6 AM....I was up for them): Within Our Gates, Symbol of the Unconquered, Body and Soul (Paul Robeson's first film) and Swing. I'm going to try to get more down on these later. Micheaux was an early independent filmmaker starting in the 1920s. He financed some of his early works by selling his novels door to door. They had very poor distribution in their days, and sadly most of his movies are lost.

What is everyone else watching?



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