Wednesday, December 21, 2005

looking forward to margaret's suggested film, MY ARCHITECT, as the first in our series of film discussions. seeing as we will be off on holiday, i figure anyone can log in and post things they've seen while away and then a rotating schedule can be put into effect starting the 8th of january. each member would post the film of the week which we would then subsequently discuss. i nominate colin to choose our second film, seeing as i am sure he'll be actively viewing and is likely our most knowledgeable filmophile. brittany, i know you're dying to pick the third one that you'd then post on the 16th. cynthia, do you want to do the 23rd and i will take the 30th? then we'd be back to you margaret, for feb. 6. just an idea. if anyone has other suggestions, toss 'em out there by all means. also, i told a friend about this online discussion and he loved the idea. would you mind if he joined the group? hope all is well! happy holidays:)


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Love the idea of rotating suggesters since all our communication is in e-space (unless we find a time to meet in realtime every so often--I'll be at the NS from 6-10 on Tuesdays and could do coffee/drink 10-10:30, but not too much later, as one possibility) only worry is that unlike Cullen and maybe all of you, a film a week is maybe too ambitious for anyone willing to do a film we'll share every two weeks? (I know you and Cullen will see at least 7 films a week regardless, so I'm not worried I'll diminish your enthusiasm). What do you think? I'll go with the group consensus, either way...I'm going tonight to see Brokeback Mountain. Lots to do in the meantime,

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