Friday, December 30, 2005

Saw Brokeback Mountain last night, and felt afterwards something like I described feeling after an Antonioni film...not ready to re-enter my world, except that BMtn left me feeling sad, and I didn't want to stay there if I had a choice. Have some thoughts, but only random...for example, the opening scene reminded me of something Toni Morrison (I'm pretty sure--finding this quote would take some digging unless someone else among us recognizes it) said about the first sentence of a novel--it should encompass the whole book. I felt BMtn's opening scene did that, and though I don't want to spoil anything for those of us who haven't seen it yet (after all, it's not even January), noticed the synecdoche of Ennis's brown paper bag. I'm wondering if we might want to pose some questions, and then get started around responding to those? This is a new way of learning, so I'm sort of thinking out loud. This may sound phony, but searching for/being stymied by/hiding identity is a parallel I see between our first two films, so I'm wondering if we'd find something to chew on there? In My Architect, Nathaniel Kahn is the explorer/first-person narrator while in BMtn, maybe inevitably in a feature film, an omniscient narrator structure seems to be how we experience the story. Is this inevitable? I'm trying to think of ffs with, say, a first-person narrator. Anyway, now you believe me, I'll bet, about random...

(Btw, I'm not sure I've solved, Alexis, my posting v. responding dilemma, but maybe I signed in to our blog initially as fiorewtr though my other blog on bloglines is mfiore247, so now I don't know how to get rid of fiorewtr so I can see both my bloglines blogs with less clicking around...?)

more later, Margaret

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Here are some other interesting film-related links. (This site goes through and reviews multiple DVDs of films from all across the globe, region 1, 2, 3--etc. You know how some movies have 5 different DVDs out at stores? This site likes to compare them. It's kind of addicting...)


Wednesday, December 21, 2005

also, if anyone wants to suggest links that they think everyone would enjoy/benefit from, post or let me know and i will add it to our list of links to the right of the page.

looking forward to margaret's suggested film, MY ARCHITECT, as the first in our series of film discussions. seeing as we will be off on holiday, i figure anyone can log in and post things they've seen while away and then a rotating schedule can be put into effect starting the 8th of january. each member would post the film of the week which we would then subsequently discuss. i nominate colin to choose our second film, seeing as i am sure he'll be actively viewing and is likely our most knowledgeable filmophile. brittany, i know you're dying to pick the third one that you'd then post on the 16th. cynthia, do you want to do the 23rd and i will take the 30th? then we'd be back to you margaret, for feb. 6. just an idea. if anyone has other suggestions, toss 'em out there by all means. also, i told a friend about this online discussion and he loved the idea. would you mind if he joined the group? hope all is well! happy holidays:)
For some inexplicable reason, blogger has assigned us, with two r's. i'm perturbed, but if no one else is, then we'll keep it. otherwise, if anyone has a better idea, we can change it to something else.
Alexis, brilliantly done! How are things across the atrium?